Urban Footprint

Woodingdean, 17th June 2010


Springtime in the city

Woodingdean, 17th June 2010

Here it is again with some lovely mushrooms:

Some of our mushrooms disappeared immediately – hope the tulip lasts a little longer!

Garter (stitch) snake

Woodingdean, 17th June 2010

It’s not easy to see from these pictures, but this snake is constructed so that it can be easily and quickly attached to a fence.  Its head can go right through its body, and it has a series of holes in the tail, which work a bit like a buckle.

Blue and Purple Strip

This only took me a day to make so I don’t mind if it is taken down quickly, which it probably is.  It is on the fence of the school.  I weaved it in and out of the fence then sewed it on at each end.  I thought the schoolkids needed to see something out of the ordinary.

I had to climb up a pole and cling on to put this up.  It was very difficult.

Princes Road, Brighton, May 31st 2010.

I made this rectangle of erratic stripes for a tree but there were people sitting under the tree so  I had to find another place to put it, and that turned out to be on this  (private)  fence.   I crocheted it on then turned it inside out and swiveled it round to hide the seam and took some pictures.

Watch out, Woodingdean

Magical ideas are sprouting around Woodingdean.  Watch this space.