White Night Fairy Lights

Brighton, October 30th 2010

This piece was created for a yarnbombing event on Brighton’s White Night festival this year.  My camera is rubbish in the dark, so I took these the next day.


Escaped Art

Car park behind Tate St Ives, 2/7/10.

This was my first attempt at freeform crochet.  I wanted to make something that looked like a plant or animal that had crawled out of the sea.  I was probably inspired also by the current exhibition at the Tate, Lily van der Stokker’s No Big Deal Thing.

This is on a tree.

These are just simple 3 petal flowers, each petal being a single crochet, 3 double crochet and another single.  I sewed 6 into a circle.  This is on a bicycle rack.

Woodingdean, 17th June 2010

I loved making this.  I think it looks splendid!  Might do a golf jumper next…

Flowers on a fence

Woodingdean 17th June 2010

A top hat and a bracelet

Woodingdean, 17th June 2010